Project “Seoul”

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This article is part of our weekly series “Plattenbau stories”, introducing the topic of plattenbau districts in Europe and the world. ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2016 will be held in Trakiya, a plattenbau districts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, from September 30th until October 9th. The main focus of the festival is the topic of “citizen participation in the creation of the urban environment”.

An article from The Berlage, for the full version click here.

One of the world’s largest megacities – Seoul, is undergoing demographic changes.

After a drastic growth in its population the city is finally in a period of stabilisation.  The higher number of inhabitants means a growth in household numbers as well. At the same time the population of Seoul is aging rapidly. According to statistics in the next 15 years every fifth citizen will be over 65 years old. Due to these facts the question of how to accommodate these people arises. The many households lead to a demand in new and affordable dwellings, at the same time the aging population makes that unprofitable. A solution can be found in the transformation of already existing and unused buildings and apartments, like the existing panel blocks.

This also leads to the start of a project that researches the issues of dwelling and public infrastructure in a contemporary megapolis like Seoul. The project aims to create a catalogue with different buildings, ways of life and public spaces that are specific to the demographic groups of the city. This can help the local planning  make a more educated decision on how to better meet the inhabitants needs.